Thousands of mysterious wisps appear and disappear in the night, appearing to work together as a huge illuminated canvas that rises out of the ground.

The gardens provide refuge for a seemingly countless number of mysterious, glowing entities known only as the Will-o-the-Wisps. In the dark night, their form is never truly revealed - instead they glow softly, appearing and disappearing seemingly at random. The wisps draw their energy from folklore and legends born from every corner of the world; known as ‘fairy fire’ by Welsh travellers, as ‘Aleya’ by Bengali fisherman, “luces del tesoro” in Mexico and even in Australia as “Min Min lights”

This installation sees the wisps individually perform in different ways reflective of their different origins; from devilish displays of red mischief, to elusive soft glowing orbs and explosions of vibrant colour. As a whole, the artwork reflects a more metaphoric view of the wisps as a visual representation of seemingly impossible-to- reach hopes or goals that appear and disappear constantly.

The wisps seem to draw energy from each other – individually their lights are beautiful but it’s when they work with their thousands of surrounding wisps that the installation as a whole truly comes to life – it’s all about working together to light a larger space than what you can achieve by yourself.


Mandylights is an award-winning lighting and production design company that has created concert, special event and light artwork designs in over fifty countries around the world. From stadium shows with Ricky Martin, China’s G.E.M. and the new sellout Larger Than Life residency in Las Vegas for the Backstreet Boys, Mandylights’ team of a dozen designers and production managers work from Australian and UK offices to deliver visual designs of all shapes and sizes. Artworks have featured at Vivid Sydney, the Singapore Night F1 Races, GLOW Festival in Melbourne and Parrtjima Alice Springs, while the company has designed lighting for the sprawling Floriade NightFest since 2010. 


For the full experience, download the EVERYTHERE app from the Apple Store or Google Play ahead of the festival. Select the Kaleidoscope Festival tour on the night and enjoy!

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