18th August 2017

Following a spectacular inaugural year in 2016 attracting over 50,000 people, KALEIDOSCOPE (WA’s world-­class light and illumination festival) returns for its second year, set to transform Joondalup City Centre yet again into an extraordinary wonderland of electrifying illumination and art from Thursday 9th to  Sunday 12th November.

Over four evenings, Joondalup City Centre will become an interactive living, breathing entertainment hub ‐ a true ‘City of the Future’. MUSIC & FOOD from 5pm, and LIGHTS ON from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. The 2017 festival boast an expanded festival site as well as increasing the food and beverage to ensure you have a #biglightout

So get to you excited we have a couple of major programming announcements to kick off with:


Fantastic Planet is a spectacle-sized piece that transforms your experience of their world, inviting wonder and creating a realization that even though we are smaller than we think we hold much responsibility on this planet.



All You Need is Love is an imaginative collection of things that evoke love created by Visual Artist Carla O’Brien.  Made using LED Neon Flex –  a revolutionary replacement for glass Neon  the touchable neon art pieces include a flying kite, umbrellas on a rainy day, flowers, Angel Wings, People made of Mosaic Mirrors and a series of neon love hearts. Let your imagination take over as you pose for fun photos with your loved ones. 



FaceOff is all about fun. It gives you the chance to be a part of the Kaleidoscope projections (quite literally). A live video feed will allow you and your family / friends to have their faces captured in real time, stylised and projected up onto the building. To be a part of the action you put your face through the hole in the photo booth an instantly you'll appear up large. While in the booth you'll be able to see your face projected up large and watch it respond in real time so you can perform or interact with the crowd. Your unique opportunity to be the star of the show!



Taking over the reigns from the amazing Cindi Drennan, we are delighted to announce our new Creative Director for 2017, Drew Anthony. Highly acclaimed and internationally renowned, his appointment is a major coup for WA arts. Mr Anthony has an extensive career and exceptional experience creating for festivals and Major Ceremonies, bringing an audacious creative vision and many ‘Australian firsts’ to the program this year. His previous experience includes the Sydney Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, Doha Asian Games, Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, NZ Rugby World Cup, NRL State of Origin and White Night (Melbourne and Ballarat) to name a few.